Covid Pass

Only patients who are vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine in the UK are able to currently get an NHS COVID Pass.

This is because the COVID Pass uses a national immunisation system for its data. Vaccinations given outside of the UK cannot currently be added to this system.

If you were vaccinated in the UK you can view information on how to get an NHS COVID Pass at the following website:

Vaccinated Abroad?

Please ensure evidence of your vaccination has been sent to the practice at so that we can ensure your local clinical record is up to date. GP surgeries do not provide “proof” of vaccinations abroad.

If you have been vaccinated outside of England, your vaccine will not show on the NHS App Covid Pass page as it was not given by the NHS. The country in which you had you vaccine should be able to provide you with their version of a COVID Pass.

The nationally provided vaccine data system does not currently have the capability to add data for vaccinations administered abroad (this includes Wales, Scotland, Oversees territories and Channel Islands). So for people vaccinated abroad the official NHS vaccine passport is not currently available.

Although not yet considered a “COVID passport”, your vaccinations have been documented on your patient record, which is visible through Patient Access and the GP Health Record tab of the NHS App.

Problems with the NHS App

If you are experiencing problems with the NHS App and have had a vaccination in England, please email us at Please note, currently we can only access to these vaccinations if given at Violet Melchett Clinic and St Charles’ Hospital. If you have had a vaccination at one of the hubs or mass centres, and it is not in your medical records (or does not show up in your app) we are currently suggesting you re-attend the hubs/centre where you had the vaccine to see if they can assist you.

Sometimes, we may have to ask the PCSE to investigate why you have two NHS numbers or why your vaccination is not showing in your notes. This currently has a waiting time of 8-10 weeks due to the high demand. You may be better getting a letter from the NHS website which shows proof of vaccine.