COVID-19 Vaccinations – Patient Information

COVID-19 Vaccinations – Patient Information

We are pleased to advise that our practice will be part of the national Covid vaccination programme.

We are working with 8 other local practices in our Primary Care Network (called “Brompton Health”) to get our patients vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible once we have received a delivery of the vaccine which we now anticipate will be the first week of January 2021.

We are following detailed National Health Service guidance.

In summary:

  • You will not be vaccinated at our practice – this is because of issues with storage and transportation of the Pfizer vaccine.  We will be asking our patients to attend a vaccination centre at Violet Melchett Centre, Flood Street in Chelsea. This Centre will be operating with strict guidelines to keep people safe from Covid.
  • You will be contacted directly by the practice or the vaccination centre– (with our agreement) to arrange your appointment.
  • Patients will be invited for vaccinations in line with National Guidelines (people over the age of 80 years will be vaccinated first followed by other people over the age of 50) dependent on sufficient vaccine availability to us.  Please be patient as we work through the priority list.
  • Please do not contact the Practice about appointment availability as it makes it more difficult for other callers to get through to us.

Please see further information on the safety of the vaccine in these videos:

Other important information

The Pfizer COVID vaccination is 2 injections,  3 weeks apart. Please remember that it is important to have both injections.

The vaccination cannot prevent an infection that you have already been exposed to, your body takes several weeks to build up immunity after vaccination.

If you are unwell at the time you are invited for a vaccination your appointment may be postponed until you are better.

You still need to take all the same preventative measures to avoid Covid-19.

  • social distancing
  • wearing a face covering
  • washing your hands regularly
  • not mixing

It is vital that everyone continues to take these precautions

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