Patient Notice

We are open and seeing patients in a safe way.

Over the course of the pandemic, we appreciate that patients may be worried about the risk of being infected by COVID-19 and as a result, may not have discussed with us symptoms that they might be worried about. That’s why we have done everything to provide a safe way to visit Stanhope Mews by following strict guidance on infection control to protect ourselves and our patients.

Stanhope Mews Surgery is open, and we are here to address any concerns or symptoms that you may have or are worried about. Because speaking to a health professional does not always require a person to visit the practice, we will speak to you on the phone in the first instance and then invite you for a face-to face appointment if necessary. Please contact us via reception or our website to book an appointment if you notice a change that isn’t normal for you or if you have a symptom that you are worried about. If needed, we can arrange tests in the safest way possible.

Diagnosing cancer early can save your life or the life of friends and family. See Cancer Research UK website for more information why it’s important to discuss your concerns with your doctor

If you have missed or delayed a screening test for cancer, please see the following information to help you rebook your screening test:

Cervical screening:

Cervical screening is done at Stanhope Mews Surgery by our nursing team.  Our nurses are available to offer cervical screening tests as per NHS guidance and screening intervals.  Please see this link below for further information:

If you have missed or delayed an appointment, you can rebook this via our reception team.

Breast screening:

If you are between 50 and 70 years old, or part of the age extension pilot (47 to 49 years or 71 to 73 years) you will receive an appointment once every three years, inviting you to have a breast screening mammogram. You do not have to contact Stanhope mews to make an appointment, as the NHS will ensure that you receive your invitation at the appropriate time. From your 71st birthday you will not automatically be invited you can request screening every 3 years by contacting your local breast screening unit. As the risk of breast cancer does not stop at 71, please consider the importance of continuing with your breast screening.

Appointments can be rebooked by calling 020 3758 2024 or by visiting

Bowel cancer/sigmoidoscopy screening:

Bowel cancer screening was being offered to people in England who are over the age of 55 by way of a sigmoidoscopy but this program has been suspended due to the pandemic.   If you are concerned about bowel cancer symptoms, please contact a GP at Stanhope Mews Surgery via reception or the website and we will be happy to discuss your concerns.  We can organise stool and blood tests to help determine if you are at risk of bowel cancer.